IN A FIELD OF BLACK, the speck of white can be seen no matter how small. Conversely, when viewing a field of white, the black speck cannot be seen until it grows larger enough to split the light redefining the entire field. Such is the pattern of humans' engagement with climate change thus far. The threat never seemed as dark as it was as we looked at it through a filter of hope, there was no shared history of its danger, thus it was ignored. Now, as the white of the Arctic disappears, the darkness of the ecological night becomes more apparent and we must call on our ancient tradition of drawing close around the circles of light to share our stories and rewrite the ending. The Infinite Seed uses this time-honored approach for empowering individuals to come together to create a greater force for change: Storytelling.


The Infinite Seed composed the following tenets as its structural and moral compass:

  1. To mirror the integrity of our natural surroundings to promote honesty and truthfulness in our storytelling.
  2. To reflect the changes of the environment in the stories we tell.
  3. To base our storytelling on factual experiences and alignment with natural environments, climates, landscapes and waters.
  4. To combine the demand for climate solutions with modern knowledge of health, wealth and community well-being.
  5. To promote stories that offer solutions that respect the ecological/economic balance required for a diverse, sustainable ecosystem.
  6. To promote solutions that encompass biodiversity, equity, inclusion and a sound production process in our seas, on our farmland and in the wild.
  7. To identify, engage, activate and support existing and emerging portals and pathways for public participation.
  8. To leverage participatory technology to motivate grassroots solutions on a global scale.
  9. To stimulate personal and communal agency through the microphone of regional storytelling.
  10. To join forces with scientists, activists, futurists, economists, educators, politicians, and other storytellers to establish a clear and accessible discourse in climate adaptability.