Chapter Two highlights


The Infinite Seed: Volume DEAD RECKONING: Chapter Two

What began six years ago as a sound installation has evolved into a large scale film and transmedia project highlighted on this website. On the 20th of August, 2016, Chapter Two of The Infinite Seed took place in the very first exhibition space that the first installation occupied: Listening Port Numbers One and Two: Longyearbyen. I had no idea then just how much this would consume me and I had no idea how much would be sacrificed to continue. I also had no idea how many extraordinary people would join to help make this a reality.

Many thanks to NOAA, RedLine, Denver Film Society, Youth Culinary Institute of Osage Cafe, Genghis Kern and Sun Valley EcoDistrict. Many more developments with NOAA will be featured here in the months to come.

Much gratitude to Ruth Glendinning, Louise Martorano, Jim Butler, Eric Hackathorn, Ann Reiser, Caroline Hinkley, DeAna Durbin, Andrew Benson, Madeleine Robb, Jason Flores-Williams and Genghis Kern. We look forward to returning to the area with a rough cut of DEAD RECKONING in Spring 2017 to be screened at the Denver Film Society.  -Rori