Update #1 to our Cinecrowd campaign for DEAD RECKONING

We take you INSIDE the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to meet its mastermind, Cary Fowler. The primary question of our documentary film DEAD RECKONING asks our cast/crew to create something to be stored in the Global Seed Vault that will translate our world now to a generation 1000 years into the future. The questions were written inside the Vault and many more individuals have been asked since on video since Cary was asked here on March 1, 2015.

Our first question is "What would you create to translate our world now to a generation 1000 years into the future?" I knew that Cary would know how to answer this one. He has created the ultimate human time capsule to store the world's food heritage, legacy, narratives and future. The seeds are profoundly interconnected to us and should remain so--not the corporate control that has taken form since the past century. I emphasize agri-CULTURE here. Without acknowledging this key word "culture", we negate ourselves completely.

Cary's first book about the Seed Vault is available next month. Listen to his recent interview here on NPR, "In A Remote Vault in Norway, Repository Stores The World's Seeds". - Rori