Cinecrowd campaign for DEAD RECKONING has launched!

“What would you create to translate our world now to a generation 1.000 years into the future?.”LONGYEARBYEN

This is not a rhetorical question but posited as a very real inquiry for the basis of ‘Dead Reckoning’ that is set to film in the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard in October of this year. The film is just the beginning of an international project that seeks to align hyper local initiatives in communities with major climate science institutes, international artists and filmmakers and policy makers in mitigating climate change.

“In 2004, I took my first trip above the Norwegian Arctic Circle with my then two-year-old son in tow. I knew then that I could never not return.In 2010, I entered the Arctic landscape of Svalbard after working a year to get there. I knew when I landed there the first time in July 2010, that I would never be able to stop dreaming about the Norwegian Arctic.  

The changes these past six years have been profoundly tragic. The people who live and work in this terrain are some of the most committed humanitarians I have ever known.”

The Arctic is a truly beautiful, mystic and inspiring place and has been under threat for many many years. With some true pro-greeners at the CineCrowd office, we could not be more excited about and feel more committed to a project as ‘Dead Reckoning’! (We secretly plan on hiding ourselves on the vessel towards the Nordic Circle)

Not that keen on the cold temperatures? Be part of this amazing project from a little distance! Check out their page here.